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Gulf of Georgia Cannery

12138 Fourth Ave. Richmond B.C. V7E 3J1
Phone 604 664 9009
Fax 604 664 9008


We found these features accessible:

  • Parking
    • 3 marked stalls are located in the lot just north of the Cannery
  • Sidewalks/Ramps
    • All are accessible with curb cuts leading to road surfaces
  • Entrance
    • Features powered swinging door on the left side as you enter the Cannery
  • Lobby/Cashier/Gift Shop
    • Is very spacious and Aisles are adequate for good accessibility
  • Public Washroom
    • M/F and Unisex washrooms all offer very accessible features
  • Public Telephone
  • Display Area
    • Entrance to the display area is accessible through the Gift Shop
    • Most of the displays are easily accessible, and walkways are adequately wide
    • Most areas are accessible by ramps that can be accessed by tour guides
  • Theatre
    • Features some wheelchair seating
    • o Closed Captioning is available, as well as volume control

Our take...

Journey back in time, to discover Steveston’s history at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.  Located on Fourth Ave in Steveston, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery sees thousands of tourists annually as they are now open year round most days. Guided tours are available, or you can conduct yourself on a leisurely excursion.
 Many canneries started popping up along Steveston Channel first in the late 1800s, and the industry reached its peak in 1901 when there were 49 of them.  Today the cannery is one of the few remaining structures of its kind in B.C. offering a glimpse of the West Coast fishing industry’s past.
The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is extremely accommodating to disabled persons, especially those in wheelchairs.  Three handicap-parking places can be found within a short wheel or walk from the power entry front entrance.  A small ramp with hand railings leads down to the lobby and reception area.  There is a standard door without power entry leading into the museum here, but power entry is available through the adjacent gift shop.  For a building that is well over a century old, the museum is surprisingly wheelchair accessible.  Only two areas of the whole tour have steps, but they only represent a fraction of the sights to be seen inside.  Signage is in both English and French and printed in large font with strong colour contrast.  There is an accessible theatre inside the museum with wheelchair seating and Closed Captioning and volume control.  One individual handicap washroom stall is located near the front entrance.  It is a large private room with a raised toilet, grab bars, an accessible sink with clearance and levered handles and easy to reach soap and hand drying accessories.  The public washrooms also have wheelchair friendly stalls and accessories.
The staff at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery are a friendly and enthusiastic bunch.  The museum is extremely accessible and the tour is like a trip back in time.  Kids and adults will equally enjoy their experiences here, and Steveston Village is alive with enough scenic views, delicious restaurants and fascinating shops to make it the perfect spot to spend the day.  Next time you visit Steveston, make sure to take a tour of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.  For more information call (604) 664-9009 or visit www.gulfofgeorgiacannery.com.  The Disability Resource Centre Richmond fully acknowledges the Gulf of Georgia Cannery as a remarkably accessible destination – enjoy!