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Accessibility rating 4 out of 5

River Rock Casino

8811 River Road,
Richmond, B.C., V6X 3P8
Phone 604 273 1895
Toll free 1 877 473 2818

We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • Six marked stalls directly outside of Casino's main entrance under cover
    • Thirty three marked stalls in parkade adjacent to the Casino
  • Sidewalks
    • Dropped curbs at all major entrances, crosswalks and corners
  • Entrance
    • Major entrances have automatic doors
  • Lobby
    • Entry from hotel lobby is wide open
    • Both entrances have guest services counters
  • Elevator
    • The elevator in the Casino goes to second level only where there is a poker room, slot machine lounge, and a Racebook Bar and Lounge
  • Public Washrooms
    • Male, female and unisex washrooms are situated throughout the casino
  • Public Telephone
    • Public telephones are available in the Casino and well as the hotel lobby
  • Dining Facilities
    • A food court offering a wide variety of food is at one end of the Casino
    • Lulu's Lounge features bar seating, and table and chairs surrounding the stage (tables have 29 in (73.66 cm) knee clearance
    • Rendezvous Bar is at the side of the Casino with high bar seating and TV's conveniently close by
    • A second bar in the Racebook lounge also has tables and chairs spread throughout (tables have 29 in (73.66 cm) knee clearance)
  • Patio
    • A patio on the second level serves the buffet, and doubles as smoking area, wheelchair access is only available from inside Runway 26 Buffet
  • Recreation Areas
    • Gaming tables, Slot Machines, Poker games, Horse racing, and a variety of electronic type games, are available throughout the casino

Our take...

The River Rock Casino is a highly entertaining attraction located in The River Rock Resort, only minutes from the Vancouver International Airport. It is also only minutes from the center of Richmond, and conveniently close to major transit routes. A shuttle to shopping centers is also available. You can enjoy the lively entertainment of the casino, or any of the other attractions offered at this extravagant resort. The friendly staff is happy to help, and the guest services would be glad to answer your questions.

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