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SilverCity Riverport

14211 Entertainment Blvd., Richmond, BC V6W 1K4
Phone 604 272 7280

At a glance...

  • Accessible Parking
    • Many handicap parking spots within close proximity to entrances
  • Power Operated Doors
    • At all entrances
  • Bank Machines & Ticket Dispensers
    • Touch Screen or Buttons with Braille
    • Reachable from wheelchair
  • Washrooms
    • Spacious Stalls, Raised Toilet Seats with Grab Bars
    • Roll under sink with auto controlled accessories
  • Theatres/Screening Rooms
    • Designated wheelchair seating at ground level
    • Power Operated Doors at entrances
    • RW®C and DVS® services available
  • Pathways & Ramps
    • Smooth and Barrier free
    • Ramps gradual with hand railings

Our take...

SilverCity, located in the bustling Riverport area of Richmond, sets the standards for accessible theatres.  Spacious handicap parking spots can be found within close proximity to power operated front doors.  There are barrier free gradual ramps with handrails on the West and East sides of the building.   Inside, there is strong colour contrast between floors and walls and signage is mostly electronically posted red on black for easy visibility.  Carpets are low pile and produce little resistance for wheelchairs.  Bank machines and individual pay stations are easily reached by wheelchair and buttons have Braille lettering and numbering.  The theatre offers free attendant passes as long as an Access 2 EntertainmentTM card is provided.

    Each of the 19 screening rooms inside SiverCity are state-of-the-art and have individual power entry doors.  Wheelchair seating is found on the ground level and spots are clearly marked with the universal handicap symbol.  Seats are wheelchair height allowing for easy transfers.  SilverCity offers Rear Window Captioning (RW®C) for deaf and hearing challenged guests and Descriptive Video Services (DVS®) for blind and visually challenged guests.  Washrooms inside SilverCity are extremely accessible.  Washrooms are roomy and offer barrier free accessories.  Toilet seats are raised inside spacious wheelchair friendly stalls with grab bars for transfers.  Stall doors can be locked with one hand.  Sinks have plenty of wheelchair clearance and motion sensors automatically activate water for washing hands and air control for drying hands.  Soap dispensers are easily reached, and mirrors are lowered and tilted.  Washroom floors and walls have strong colour contrast.

    SilverCity is a great place to enjoy movies.  The massive complex is home to 19 screens that show the latest and greatest theatrical releases.  It stands in the centre of the exceptionally accessible RiverPort entertainment area of Richmond.  Guests with physical disabilities can leave any uncertainties about accessibility at home because SilverCity was designed to accommodate.  To learn more about SilverCity or to find viewing times visit www.famousplayers.com.  Look for a page there dedicated to films offering RW®C and DVS® services. 

Update July 2008 by Richmond Centre of Disability