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accessibility rating 4 out of 5

South Arm Community Centre

8880 Williams Rd. Richmond B.C. V7A 1G6

Tel: 604 718 8060



We found these features accessible:

  • Parking
    • 5 marked stalls are near the front entrance
    • Drop off zone at front entranc
  • Entrance
    • Automatic double sliding doors at the front entrance
  • Lobby
    • Water fountain
    • Food and drink vending machines
    • Linoleum floors throughout
  • Elevator
    • has lowered control panel with tactile, and Braille signage
    • audible alarms are also featured on the elevator
  • Public Washroom
    • Unisex Accessible washroom is located in the rear of the main floor (door is usually kept locked)
    • Accessible M/F washrooms are also available both upstairs, and on the main level
  • Recreation Areas
    • Seniors Activity Room (features 2 large pool tables)
    • Multi Purpose Room
    • Children Activity Room (has low child tables and chairs) also adult style chairs only available
    • Youth Activity Room (includes pool table, and moveable tables, and chairs) tables have 29” knee clearance
    • Gymnasium (is wide open and has basketball courts) Upstairs
  • Public Change rooms
    • Accessible change rooms with showers, and washrooms are located on the second floor
  • Recreation Areas
    • Fitness Center (is laid out for easy access for wheelchair patrons)
    • Features free weights, and a wide variety of exercise machines
    • Aerobics Room
    • Racquetball Courts (2 courts)
    • Squash Courts (2 courts)

Our take...

The South Arm Community Centre is conveniently located on a major transit route in South Richmond on Williams Rd., between Garden City and No. 3 Rd. The centre is on a large piece of land that is also home to South Arm Community Hall, South Arm Outdoor Pool, a Community Police Station, and a Health Department Office. Paved pathways lead visitors throughout adjoining South Arm Park to many of its attractions. An outdoor swimming pool with a water slide, tennis courts, lacrosse box, running track, soccer, baseball and football fields, two playgrounds and barbecue pits can all be found in the park and can be accessed by wheelchair or foot.

The community centre is a large, newer building that is well equipped to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Handicap parking spots are located within close proximity to power operated doors at the front entrance. The lobby is a spacious area with strong colour contrast and clearly marked signage. There are a number of different rooms inside the building, all accessible by chair. The senior’s room is especially accommodating, with an activity room, kitchen and two fully accessible handicap washrooms. There are also handicap washrooms with accessories inside the main lobby area.

The second floor of the community centre has more activity rooms, including a full Fitness Center that offers individual workouts and special training sessions for persons with disabilities. It is accessible by stairs or an elevator with brail and tactile signage and audible alarms. Both men’s and lady’s change rooms on the second floor are completely accessible and come equipped with barrier free washrooms and showers. Large roll in showers are very accommodating for persons in chairs and have shower benches and detachable showerheads. Racquetball and squash courts are also found on the second floor. This building is a state of the art facility, especially when it comes to accessibility.

South Arm Hall is an older building but still offers wheelchair accessible doors and washrooms. There are public washrooms located outside the hall that are also wheelchair accessible and open all year round. South Arm Pool is not very accessible by chair. It does not have a lift or a roll in; however, people are welcome to transfer themselves into the pool and lifeguards are there to offer assistance if needed.

South Arm Community Centre, Hall, Pool, and Park are all quite accessible. Depending on mobility levels, visitors may want to bring a friend, family member, or attendant to assist with activities. It is a great place to go for a picnic, a stroll, to participate in sporting activities, or just to relax outside and catch a few rays. South Arm Community Centre offers a range of programs and activities for people young or old. To learn more about South Arm Community Centre or its many programs just drop in or call (604) 718-8060. You can also learn more about the centre by visiting www.city.richmond.bc.ca and hitting the Community Centre link under Parks & Recreation.


Updated July 2008 Richmond Centre for Disability