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Country Meadows Golf Course

8482 No. 6 Road, Richmond, BC V6W 1E2
Phone 604 241 4653
Fax 604 241 4676

At a glance...

  • Accessible Parking
    • 3 Spaces within close proximity to front entrance
  • Power Entry Doors
    • Button operated
  • Accessible Washrooms
    • Spacious Stalls, Grab Bars, Raised Toilet Seats
    • Barrier Free Washroom Accessories
  • Barrier Free Tables
    • Approximately 26”
    • No Obstructions underneath

Our take...

The Country Meadow Golf Course is a championship-style, executive length course that can keep the interest of all levels of player – able-bodied or disabled.  It offers a comfortable two-story golf clubhouse with a half Victorian and half Western inspired design.  Located on No. 6 Road in Richmond, there is clearly visible signage to direct visitors into the parking lot.  Four comfortably sized handicap parking spots are located within close proximity of the front entrance, and power button doors allow easy access into the clubhouse.

    The main floor is completely wheelchair accessible while the second floor does not have wheelchair access.  For visually challenged individuals, a sprawling, wide staircase leads to the second level dining area.  Stairs have hand railings and slip resistant surface.  The dining area on the main floor is spacious and offers wide isles and high tables that comfortably sit wheelchairs.  If a day in the sun sounds more appealing, a comfortable patio awaits.  The view is breathtaking, as the patio overlooks the lush green golf course and its sparkling, tranquil lakes.  There are two wheelchair accessible washrooms; both are equipped with raised toilet seats and grab bars inside spacious stalls with one hand operable locks.  Mirrors are lowered, and sinks are roll under and have levered handles. 

    Country Meadows Golf Course is brilliantly set in a calm country area of Richmond.  The golf course is open to able bodied and disabled persons alike, and the clubhouse is a great place to go for business lunches or a quiet romantic dinner for two.  If you want to learn more about Country Meadows Golf Course either call (604) 241-4653 or visit www.golfcourselistings.ca.

Update July 2008 by Richmond Centre of Disability