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The Richmond Curling Club

5540 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, B.C. V7C 4N3
Phone 604 278 1722
Fax 604 278 3869

At a glance...

  • Accessible Parking
    • Two spacious stalls in front of building
  • Accessible Entrance
    • Push button power entry doors
  • Accessible Washrooms
    • Male and female public washrooms
    • Spacious stalls with single-hand operable lock; raised toilet seats; grab bars; towel and soap dispensers, mirror and light fixtures are lowered and accessible; sink has leg clearance and lever-handled faucets
    • Colour contrast is strong
    • Signage is visible and doors are usually propped open
  • Accessible Sidewalks and Pathways
    • Smooth and level sidewalks lead to front entrance
  • Accessible Curling
    • Power doors lead to curling rink from lobby
    • A 3" curb drops down to ice surface and a ramp is available
    • Assistive game equipment is available for persons with disabilities
  • Elevator
    • Lowered control panel
    • Illuminated buttons
    • Audible and visual floor number announcements
  • Accessible Dining
    • 11th End Café
      • Tables sit high and have unobtrusive stands underneath
      • Menu is a chaulkboard with coloured chaulk providing poor contrast
    • Upstairs banquet area
      • Tables are high and have fairly unobtrusive stands underneath. People in wheelchairs will need to position themselves carefully to avoid the table stands.
      • Menu is blue text on a white background and is more visible than downstairs menu

Our take...

Disabled parking spots can be found within close proximity to the front entrance. As mentioned above, power entry doors now allow easy access to the building. The main floor is home to the curling rink, pro shop and the 11th End Caf? Power entry doors also provide access from the main lobby to the actual curling rink. A small curb drops down to the ice surface, and a ramp is available if needed. Assistive equipment is also available for curlers with disabilities. There is strong colour contrast throughout the building. The 11th End Caf?has high tables, but the menu could be hard to read as it is printed in coloured chalk on a blackboard. Public washrooms for both men and ladies are accessible, with spacious stalls, one-hand operable locks, raised toilet seats and grab bars; sinks have clearance and levered handles; the mirror, soap and towel dispensers are all lowered; colour contrast is strong; signage is adequate; the entrance is normally propped open; and the floor area is uncluttered.

An elevator leads to the second floor. It has lit buttons with audible and visual floor announcements. The buttons are reachable from a chair and the doors allow adequate time for safe entry and exiting. A dining/banquet area occupies most of the second floor. Tables are high enough for wheelchairs to roll under and signage at the bar has strong colour contrast. A pool table, foosball table and dartboard are all accessible to persons in wheelchairs. The television has Closed Captioning. But for persons interested in watching curling, large windows overlook the entire ice surface. Accessible washrooms upstairs for both male and female visitors offer the same great features as the barrier free washrooms downstairs

The Richmond Curling Club is home to many curlers with disabilities, and thus, the facilities are very accommodating for persons with disabilities. Visit their website or call to enquire about curling times and availability.

The Club is an official practise site for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Visit Richmond Curling Club's website...

Update July 2008 by Richmond Centre of Disability