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Garry Point Park

12011 7th Ave., Richmond, BC

At a glance...

  • Accessible Parking
    • Ten handicap parking stalls in the south area of parking lot
  • Accessible Washrooms
    • Male and female public washrooms
    • Spacious stalls with one-hand operation lock; raised toilet seats; grab bars; lowered towel and soap dispensers and light fixtures; sink with clearance and levered handles
    • Colour contrast is strong
    • Signage is clear and doors are usually propped open
  • Accessible Sidewalks and Pathways
    • Smooth and level sidewalks lead to around concession stand and public washrooms
    • Smooth and compact gravel pathways lead around perimeter of park
  • Accessible Attractions
    • Fisherman's Memorial - wheelchair accessible
    • Japanese Garden - wheelchair accessible
  • Accessible Dining
    • Pajo's Fish and Chips - right on the water; large poster menu with large text; portable trays for takeout; reachable condiments and utensils
    • Timothy's Frozen Yogurt - open weekends in the fall season

Our take...

There are 10 spacious parking spots for the disabled located on the west end of the park. A smooth paved surface leads visitors to all corners of this massive 74+ acre park. In The southeast corner lie the public washrooms and refreshment facilities. Washrooms for males and females alike offer large stalls, with one-hand operable locks, .5m raised toilet seats and grab bars; sinks have clearance, levered handles, lowered mirrors and reachable soap dispensers; hand dryers are also lowered; and floors are uncluttered and have strong contrasting colours to walls and accessories. Garry Point offers the best in refreshment facilities. Enjoy fresh fish and chips from Pajo’s. Pajo’s also offers gourmet burgers, hot dogs, shrimp and delicious clam chowder. The menu is clearly visible, written in large navy blue font on a yellow background. Beside Pajo’s is Timothy’s, which offers ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and coffee. Signage throughout the Garry Point is remarkable. Large clear signage with bold colour contrast and sizeable fonts provide washroom, refreshment, geographic and historical information. Some landmarks in the park have tactile signage detailing the exhibits, such as the Fisherman’s Memorial and Japanese Garden. Pathways throughout the park range from smooth and level concrete to compact gravel, which. Each is friendly for wheelchair users. The majority of the gravel pathways are located on the outskirts of the park. They offer spectacular views of Mount Baker to the east; the south arm of the Fraser River to the immediate south and the San Juan Islands in the distance; the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and spectacular ocean scenery to the west; and the Northshore Mountains to the north. The trail surrounding Garry Point connects to the West Dyke trail, which offers kilometers of hard packed gravel trails. The trails are wheelchair friendly and have a number of scenic rest areas and benches.

The panoramic view at Garry Point Park is nothing short of spectacular. It is an ideal location to take the family, to go for a relaxing stroll with the dog or alone, to enjoy recreation activities or to have a romantic date. The geographically diverse nature of the park is another great feature. Between sandy beaches, grassy fields and gravel pathways, Garry Point offers something for everyone. Garry Point is just another gem in beautiful Steveston’s public treasure chest.

Update July 2008 by Richmond Centre of Disability