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Minoru Park

Street Address: 7191 Granville Ave.
Cross Address: North of Granville Avenue between Minoru Blvd and Gilbert Road
Richmond, B.C.

This excellent community park offers a variety of facilities:

  • Minoru Chapel is situated at the edge of the park and is available for wedding services that can be booked through City Hall
  • Richmond Lawn Bowling (private members only) is located at the north end of the park
  • Minoru Arena is located at the south end of the park and is open only in season for hockey, lacrosse, and public skating
  • Minoru Aquatic Center is located at the south end of the park
  • Richmond Gateway Theatre is located in the north west area of the park and has a variety of shows year round. View our assessment of Gateway
  • Richmond Family Place is on the northeast side of the park and features a Day Care Center, and a Thrift Store
  • Tennis Courts are located on the east side of the park
  • Playing Fields cover most of the center of the park, and include an enclosed soccer field with artificial turf
  • Latrace Field (Baseball Diamond) is an enclosed baseball diamond used for the Richmond Auto Body Budgies baseball team exclusively for their practices and scheduled home games
  • Track and Field Oval/Pavilion/Grandstand is located at the south end of the park. The oval is open to the public when events are not sceduled

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We found these features accessible…

  • Parking
    • There are several parking lots around the edges of the park each has 1-3 marked accessible stalls
    • Several other stalls have sufficient width but are not marked
  • Walkways
    • All walkways throughout the park are paved and well maintained
  • Public Washrooms
    • Male and female changing rooms in the Aquatic Center have accessible stalls
    • Unisex washroom in the Arena (open in season only)
    • Male and female washrooms in front of Pavilion Building are not always open
    • Changing rooms in rear of Pavilion Building may be difficult to access
    • Male and female washrooms near the Lawn Bowling Club (private)
  • Concessions
    • The Aquatic Center is the only building open all year, and has several vending machines in lounge area
    • There is a concession stand behind the grandstand open only during events
    • The concession in the the arena is only open in season
  • Public telephone
    • Pay phones are availble inside the Aquatic Center and inside the Arena

Our take…

Minoru Park is one of the largest city parks located in the centre of the city, and is easily accessed on all sides by public transit. This beautiful park features in the north end a large duck pond surrounded by flower gardens, and walking paths. As you stroll through the park many park benches are spread throughout for those wishing to sit and rest for a while. During the sunny summer days you may stop, and watch the members lawn bowling at the private club in the north end of the park. The Richmond Auto Body Budgies play baseball at their home field located in the park. Cricket matches are also played in the large field behind the baseball diamond, soccer games, and track and field events are also held in the south end of the park. There is an aquatic center, arena (open in season), and tennis courts also are located in the south end of the park. Shopping Centers, Hotels, and other attractions are also very close to the park.

View and download a Parks and Facilities location map. Clicking on the City Center area will give you details of Minoru Park and its facilities.