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Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill

112-3800 Bayview Street,,
Richmond, BC, V7E 6K7
Phone: 604 275 6587
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • More spots located throughout Steveston - two in front of Correli's and one beside Sockeye City Grill
    • One spacious spot directly in front of restaurant
  • Sidewalk
    • Sidewalks surrounding this Restaurant are accessible with curb cuts at most corners.
  • Entrance
    • Slope at front doorway has been recently widened and made entryway more accessible
    • Double swinging doors at front entrance are light with levered handles
  • Public Washroom
    • Signage is not in braille or tactile formats
    • Colour contrast is strong
    • Raised toilet seats, grab bars, lowered towel and soap dispensers, mirror and light fixtures, sink with clearance and levered handles
    • Single occupancy male and female washrooms
  • Dining Areas
    • Menus have black font on white background and are set in 12-14 point serif font
    • Tables sit high and have non-obtrusive stands underneath
  • Patio/courtyard
    • Doors leading to patio offer little resistance and have levered handles
    • Patio has clearance for wheelchairs and have heat lamps

Our take...

This two-storey restaurant offers wheelchair accessible seating on the main floor and large patio. Accessible parking can be found at the front of the restaurant within close proximity to the main entrance. The front doors are a little heavy, but have large levered handles to simplify entry. Menus are typed in fair sized font with strong colour contrast. Tables offer roughly 29 in. clearance and have non-obtrusive stands underneath. There is a single occupancy washroom designated for people with disabilities. It is a larger room clear of obstructions with a raised toilet with grab bars; a sink with clearance and levered handles; a lowered mirror as well as soap and towel dispensers; and a one hand operable lock. Colour contrast inside Shady Island is strong and the majority of the restaurant is hard wood flooring. The patio is a great place to sit on a beautiful sunny day or gorgeous starry night and is always kept comfortable and warm by powerful overhead heat lamps. Tables accommodate persons in wheelchairs and doors are light in weight and easy to manage with levered handles. No matter where you choose to sit at the Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill you can always count on two complimentary features: an incredible view and deliciously fresh baked bread. The food is first class, the service is prompt and friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the view is priceless. Make sure to try the seafood chowder - it's to die for. The Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill is located in Steveston in the Southwest corner of Richmond, and is conveniently close to transit stops going to the centre of town. The staff at The Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill are very friendly and willing to answer any questions, or help wherever possible.

Updated 10/17/2008 by Richmond Centre for Disability.