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White Spot Restaurant Richmond Centre

1902 - 6551 No.3 Road,
Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B7
Phone: 604 278 3911
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • Along wheelchair accessible bus route
    • Numerous spacious handicap spots, clearly marked and close to front entrance of White Spot
  • Sidewalk
    • Surrounding sidewalks and parking lot are accessible
    • Smooth and level sidewalks lead to restaurant and mall
  • Entrance
    • Open (no doors) and level entry into the restaurant from the Mall
    • Power assisted entry doors at all the Mall entrances
  • Public Washroom
    • Signage is in both sizeable black decorative font and universal symbol formats on white background
    • Colour contrast is fairly weak between floors and walls inside stalls
    • Large stalls with single-hand operable lock; 19 in. high toilets with two grab bars;towel and soap dispensers, mirror and light fixtures are lowered and accessible; sink has 28 in. leg clearance and levered handles inside the stall
    • Male and female washrooms with disability friendly stalls
  • Dining Areas
    • Management and staff have a very proactive and positive attitude towards people with disabilities
    • Some areas can be tight as this is a pretty busy restaurant, but overall it is extremely accessible
    • Menus have black font on white background with the text set in a 12-14 pt font
    • Tables sit 28 in. high and some have non-obtrusive stands underneath

Our take...

The White Spot at Richmond Centre is located on the east side of the shopping centre. There are over a dozen designated handicap parking spots within close proximity to the power entry doors that lead into the mall and White Spot. The restaurant is clean, well kept and under great management. Accessibility is great. The only issue is that it can be a little tight at times when the restaurant is busy. Tables have 28 in. clearance underneath and pull out chairs that provide space for wheelchair users. Stands underneath are non-obtrusive. The menu has strong colour contrast and is typed in black font size 12-14. Washrooms are clearly marked with strong colour contrast and large bold font and symbol signage. Men's and Women's washrooms have signage on the wall as well as on the doors. Inside, washroom stalls are large, have 19 in. toilets with grab bars to the left and back. There are sinks inside the stalls, something I have ever seen before that is a great idea. Sinks have 28 in. clearance underneath, levered handles, lowered mirror, soap and towel dispensers. Inside the stall is very spacious and the floor is not cluttered. Colour contrast is pretty weak as the colour between walls and the floor are very similar. Some of the aisles in the restaurant are pretty tight; so some planning for people in wheelchairs is necessary when finding their way back to the table. The service is great and the food is delicious. This White Spot reminds me of the ones I used to go to as a little kid with my parents. The only difference is I don't order the pirate pack anymore - well most of the time I don't. The Richmond Centre for Disability recognizes the White Spot at Richmond Centre as an accessible destination. We also would like to add that the manager Prakash is a strong supporter of many of our initiatives, which aim to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Updated 2/2/2012 by Richmond Centre for Disability.