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Cactus Club Café

5500 No.3 Road,
Richmond, BC,
Phone: 604 244 9969
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • Along accessible bus route
    • One clearly marked handicap parking spot directly in front of Cactus Club
  • Sidewalk
    • Surrounding sidewalks and parking lot are accessible
    • Gradual ramp with railings leads to front entrance
  • Entrance
    • No power doors at entrance but door is light weight and have levered handles
  • Public Washroom
    • Signage is bright
    • Colour contrast is strong
    • Doors are light weight and have levered handles Large stalls, raised toilet seats, grab bars; power towel dispenser; lowered soap dispensers, sink with auto water control Sinks do not have clearance and mirrors are set too high to view from a wheelchair/seated position
    • Male and female washroom with wheelchair friendly stalls
  • Dining Areas
    • Menus have strong colour contrast and the text is set in a bold 12 pt font
    • Accessible seating dispersed evenly throughout the restaurant
    • Colour contrast inside is strong
    • Tables sit high and some have non-obtrusive stands underneath

Our take...

The Cactus Club Café is located in the heart of Richmond, mere seconds away from accessible bus stops, just across the street from the Lansdowne Station on the Canada Line (rapid transit trains), and a short walking/wheeling distance from both Lansdowne Mall and Richmond Centre. By car, the parking lot can either be accessed heading east on Lansdowne or by heading north on No.3 Road. There is one clearly marked handicap parking spot at the front entrance, directly beside lies a gradual ramp. The ramp is a little steep, but I manage to get up it just fine in my manual chair. There are also rails to assist. The front door does not have power entry, however, 1) it is very light and easy to manage with a large levered handle, and 2) I think every single time I have ever been here, either a waitress or hostess or patron has offered to open the door for me. This is another thing I love about the Cactus Club - people are friendly and the service is superb. Inside there is a wide selection of seating for persons with disabilities, in wheelchairs etc. Booths are available for people comfortable with transfers. Otherwise, there are numerous tables with 28 in. clearance and fairly non-obtrusive stands underneath. The majority of tables are located in a roomy covered patio area. The patio is heated, has palm trees and has a large Koi pond in the centre, giving it a tropical atmosphere that always feels like summer even on a cold-wet January day. Washrooms have great colour contrast; large handicap stalls with raised toilet seats and grab bars and easy-to-lock doors; sinks have auto-sensor water control; and the floor area is roomy and uncluttered. Mirrors are set a little too high for people sitting in chairs, and sinks do not have clearance underneath, but that aside the washrooms are great. Menus have strong colour contrast and are typed in a bold 12 font. The rest of the restaurant has strong colour contrast throughout, and is usually barrier free and easy to maneuver around.

Updated 6/4/2012 by Richmond Centre for Disability.