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International House Of Pancakes

10551 St Edwards Rd,
Richmond, BC, V6X 3L8
Phone: 604 273 8253
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • 2 marked stall near restaurant entrance (2 more near hotel lobby entrance)
  • Entrance
    • 2 separate swinging glass doors into reception area
  • Public Washroom
    • M/F washrooms both accessible
  • Dining Areas
    • Knee clearance 28 in.
    • All booth style seating some table are accessible from 1 side

Our take...

The International House of Pancakes features, mainly a breakfast menu, but also do serve burgers and sandwiches. This restaurant is conveniently close to the Accent Inn, as well as several other hotels. We found this restaurant very friendly, and quite accessible. Public transit routes to Vancouver, and the downtown center of Richmond are also very close by.

Updated 10/17/2008 by Richmond Centre for Disability.