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Dave's Fish and Chips

3460 Moncton Street,
Richmond, BC, V7E 3A2
Phone: 604 271 7555
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • Various spots located around Richmond
  • Entrance
    • No power doors at entrance but it is often propped open
  • Public Washroom
    • Clearly marked and tactile signage
    • Grab bars installed, lowered soap dispenser and light switch, semi-raised toilet seat
    • Women's washroom accommodates and can be used by both men and women as it is single occupancy
    • Men's washroom is not wheelchair friendly
  • Dining Areas
    • Menus have black font on white background and are set in 14 point font
    • Tables sit high and have non-obtrusive stands underneath

Our take...

Accessibility is average at Dave's. There are handicap parking spots sprinkled around Steveston and the closest being either at the Gulf of Georgia or else on 1st Avenue, northwest of the Steveston Museum. There is roadside parking all along Moncton that allows transfers from the car. Getting one close to the curb cut may be a challenge though. A smooth and level sidewalk leads the way to Dave's from all corners of Steveston. The front entrance does not have a power entry door, although, it is often propped open. It has a pull handle and is relatively light in weight. Tables inside Dave's comfortably sit a wheelchair, whether it be manual or power operated. Isles are spacious and there is strong colour contrast between the floors and walls. The menu is written in standard black font on white background and in roughly 14 size font. The washrooms are a little tricky. The guy's washroom is not very accessible for chairs. It has a doorknob for starters and is quite small. The toilet does not have grab bars either. The staff will likely recommend using the ladies washroom for persons using a chair. It also has a doorknob at the entrance, but is larger in size and has grab bars for the toilet. Both washrooms are individual rooms with one single toilet and have sinks with knobs rather than levered handles. Some assistance may be required for those with limited hand mobility. There is a lowered sink in the ladies washroom that is easy to access from a chair. The colour contrast inside the washrooms is strong and signage is in tactile with easily reached raised symbols and lettering. Dave's take-out, on the west side of the building, is not easily accessed by a person using a wheelchair. There is a huge curb in the front of the take-out window and seating is not exactly ideal. However, accessible seating can be found at either end of the picnic tables. However, there are numerous scenic locations in Steveston that are only a short wheel or walk away, ideal for people who enjoy having a relaxing dinner with a spectacular view. Although Dave's isn'tthe most accessible restaurant in Richmond, it is one of the best. The staff is very friendly and laid back and will accommodate persons in chairs or with disabilities gladly. If you are looking for Fish and Chips, like so many other people in Richmond and around the world, I recommend trying out Dave's. The prices are reasonable, the portions are generous and the food is outstanding.

Updated 10/17/2008 by Richmond Centre for Disability.