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Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant

Aberdeen Mall, 3580 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way,,
Richmond, BC, V6X 4J7
Phone: 604 303 9739
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We found these features accessible...

  • Parking
    • Four marked stalls located at the entrance of each level of the mall parkade
  • Entrance
    • Floors and walls have good colour contrast
    • Double doors always open
  • Public Washroom
    • Wall mirror is tilted, soap and towel dispensers are mounted lower for easy access Left transfer onto a standard toilet with a back support Movable grab bar
    • Sink has good clearance (30.5 in, 77.47 cm) with lever control faucet
    • The two stall doors are very light-weight, have lever handles and one-hand operated locks. Door width is 34.5 in (87.63cm)
    • Single unisex washroom, located close to the restaurant but is part of the mall
  • Dining Areas
    • Menu has a 12 point font with a strong colour contrast.
    • The ends of the aisles have areas sufficient for turning around and aisles have a generous width of about 36 in (91.4 cm)
    • Seating for wheelchairs is available throughout the restaurant, with moveable tables that have 30-31 in (76-78 cm) leg clearance

Our take...

Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant is located on the 3rd floor in the Aberdeen Mall. The restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring Chinese, Dim Sum and seafood. And has very large round tables for large groups. Generous space around tables makes for easy movement.

Updated 10/17/2008 by Richmond Centre for Disability.