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Accessibility rating 2.5 out of 5

Parker Place Shopping Centre

4380 No.3 Rd., Richmond, B.C. V6X 3V7
Phone: 604 273 0276

We found these features to be accessible...

  • Accessible Parking Stalls
    • Four to six marked stalls near each entrance
  • Covered Parking
    • Several marked stalls under ramp near south entrance
  • Sidewalks
  • Entrance
    • Three main entrances all have power assisted doors
  • Lobby
  • Elevator
    • Two elevators serve the six levels of the mall and offices
    • Escalator goes from ground floor to second level
    • Escalator from ground floor to mezzanine that has tables and chairs
    • Mezzanine is accessible only by escalator
  • Public Washrooms
    • Two groups of Male, Female and Unisex washrooms on main floor
    • One group of washrooms near offices on second level
  • Public Telephones
    • Have volume control
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • HSBC - one of the anchor tenants of the mall
  • Major Restaurants
    • Floata Seafood Restaurant
  • Food Court
    • Over 18 vendors in the food court - mainly Asian cuisine

Out take...

The Parker Place Mall is located in the center of downtown Richmond, on a major transit route, and only minutes from the Vancouver International Airport. This mall is also close to several hotels, restaurants, and strip malls. Parker Place mall offers a wide selection of select Asian specialty food, and clothing stores. The food court also serves mainly Asian cuisine, as does the Floata Seafood Restaurant. There are also several professional offices on the second level, which serves mainly as a rooftop parking lot.

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