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Staples Business Depot

1 - 6390 No. 3 Road, Richmond, B.C.
Phone: 604 270 9599

At a glance...

  • Accessible Parking
    • Two handicap parking stalls. The stall at the main entrance is narrow and challenging for those using mobility assistive devices such as a wheelchair. Other stall is located a little farther away to the north of side of the building but is wider and easier to use.
    • Store is located on a wheelchair acceesible bus route (No. 3 Road).
  • Accessible Entrance
    • Automatic power entry doors
    • Level threshold with ample clearance
  • Accessible Shopping
    • Stock is stored on pallets making the aisles too narrow for wheelchairs. It is even difficult to steer a shopping cart in the store.
    • Some products out of reach.
    • Checkout counters are low and afford plenty of space for wheelchairs and scooters and are easily accessed.
    • Staff is friendly and knowledgeable
    • Signage is in large, bold font (black on white)
  • Accessible Sidewalks and Pathways
    • Smooth and level sidewalks lead to front entrance
    • Even slopes with low grade on curb ramps

Staples on Cook and No.3 Road is located in a busy little strip mall, directly across from Richmond Centre Mall. Accessing the handicap parking can be challenging, as the spot directly in front of the main entrance is very awkwardly positioned and quite small. Consequently, people parking in this spot who hope to get in and out of their vehicle, especially those in wheelchairs like myself, will need to really hug the curb and park on the ramp in order to leave enough space for transfers. There is another handicap parking spot on the North side of the building in front of a small deli. A covered throughway leads to the Staples main entrance. This spot allows a lot more space for transfers; however, itís on a slight downward slope, so make sure your wheelchair brakes are working properly. Sidewalks are smooth and level. An automatic-motion sensor door with plenty of clearance and a level threshold leads into the store.

   Inside Staples, there may be some obstacles for persons using mobility assistive devices. The last time I visited, there were obstacles blocking many isles, and some products were out of reach. There is plenty of space at the checkout counters for wheelchairs or scooters. Counters are about 3 ?feet high. Signage is in a large bold font, with strong colour contrast (black on white). Staples is located along wheelchair accessible bus routes and seconds from bus stops.